Future of Construction Market. What to Expect and How to Survive?

Matej RevajOpinion

(Part 2 – Design-Build) In the first part of our ‘Future of Construction Market” series, we looked at offsite manufacturing. This method of construction will be taking over a bigger portion of the small to medium multifamily construction market segments in 2020. This second part of our series is dedicated to another major trend. The utilization of the design-build project … Read More

Future of construction market. What to expect and how to survive?

Matej RevajOpinion

(Part 1 – Offsite manufacturing) Construction sector is traditional and conservative. We saw a lot of innovations and improvements in all other sectors in the past years. The automotive industry is becoming more and more efficient thanks to the substituting missing skilled labor by machines. Mobile commerce and apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet will revolutionize the way we … Read More

Benefits of VRF HVAC systems in office buildings.

Marek SkovajsaOpinion

How does VRF work in office building? Better than any other system. However generic this statement is, this new system to USA market does actually work great for most applications. Retrofit, new construction, but the best benefits are in speculative commercial office building developments. Why is VRF more energy efficient? In income producing real estate, the rentable space is money! … Read More