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Join Us

On our mission to design efficient, sustainable places to work, learn, live, and connect.

On  our  mission  to  design  efficient,  sustainable  places  to  work,  learn,  live,  and  connect.



We welcome goal-oriented individuals who are eager to learn and looking for a challenge. Our belief that passion drives innovation contributes to employees' personal development and self-fulfillment.

Our diverse work environment fosters a growth mentality that pushes you to seek out and grab hold of any opportunity that may come your way.

Metropolitan Engineering Inc. provides you with the resources and wisdom you need to obtain your professional and personal goals within the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction community.

Our core values, environment and practices provide attractive benefits for employees: 

  • Broader exposure and experience 
  • Greater challenges 
  • Better compensation and rewards 
  • Enhanced professional and personal growth 
  • Less politics and corporate bureaucracy