We are thrilled to share with you video depicting offsite manufacturing of structural panels with fully integrated MEP systems.

Matej RevajOffsite Manufacturing

It has been more than a year since Metropolitan Engineering partnered with Classic Heating and Cooling and Blueprint Robotics. We immediately started to develop design and construction processes that will integrate the MEP systems into the offsite manufactured panels. After more than a year of hard work, we are finally able to see results when our first projects proceed to the manufacturing and field assembly phases. The first townhomes are already built and the rest will be completed by the end of the year.

Our tireless effort, to provide the most innovative engineering solutions, contributes to the inevitable change of the way our industry currently builds. A new way of building which will reduce the duration of construction and provide a higher level of cost certainty. This also provides additional value in; improved efficiency, and has a huge potential for improving housing affordability.


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