Awards & Recognition

Aveda Institute

All projects submitted to the AIA|DC Chapter Awards are eligible for a special award for their ability to create a beautiful project that is compatible with sustainable design, including:

  • Contributions to environmental balance
  • Appropriate land use
  • Energy efficiency
  • Minimal ecological impact
  • Reuse of existing buildings or facilities
  • Use of recycled or renewable materials
  • Integrating sustainable concepts with traditional requirements

The President of AIA|DC will present this special citation. It is completely at the discretion of the President to determine how many, if any, citations will be awarded each year. Projects not premiated by the Design Award Juries are eligible for commendation. To be considered for this honor, your submission must include a brief statement describing why the project should be considered based on the criteria listed above. Data describing the project’s energy use (BTU/sf/yr) and environmental assessment analysis (LEED, for example) should also be included, if possible.